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Founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, Annicken R. Day is on a mission to awaken the human potential in corporations around the world. Over 15 years of working with corporate culture she has learned and experienced what ignites the fire in people’s bellies and how to create highly engaged, passionate corporate cultures. She has inspired and trained thousands of leaders and employees in a variety of companies around the world in how to build thriving and highly engaged teams and organisations that innovate, collaborate and deliver outstanding business results as a consequence.


Before founding Corporate Spring in 2012, Annicken was for 8 years Head of People & Culture/Chief Cultural Officer in the global technology company Tandberg, a highly profitable global market leader and, 3 years in a row, awarded Best Place to Work in Norway and Best Workplaces in Europe. When Tandberg was acquired by Cisco, Annicken took the role as “Culture Evangelist” in Cisco with the mission to have 60 000 people jump out of bed in the morning. After 3 years in Cisco she decided it was time to inspire more companies to awaken their human potential and Corporate Spring – the movement – was born.


Annicken is a seasoned business leader, frequent international keynote speaker and master-class facilitator, TED-speaker and Huffington Post blogger, known for her inspiring and energising style and refreshing approach to learning, leadership, engagement, corporate culture, women in business, entrepreneurship and organisational development.

Annicken R.Day

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