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Bill Rancic is an example of a true entrepreneur. He founded 1995 in a 400 square foot studio apartment. Today it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation. Bill no longer manages the day-to-day operation but is on the board of directors for Synergy Bands. He is also making a name for himself in the Chicago real estate market working on the new Trump Tower. Bill is a sought after speaker at major universities and corporations where he speaks about how through hard work and "thinking out of the box" success can be achieved even against the worst odds. In his spare time he has participated in various charity events and is a firm believer in, paying it forward. He also helps to pass on this message to the residents of the Mercy Home for Boys where he volunteers as a tutor for underprivileged children. He also helped establish a cancer research fund in his father's name through the National Institute of Health. 


When it comes to adventure, Bill is ready to join in. He enjoys scuba diving and has run in two Chicago Marathons. His father taught him the art of living a balanced life and always took the time to enjoy even the simplest pleasures. With this in mind, Bill is careful to not take even the littlest things for granted. 


Having the opportunity to participate in "The Apprentice" is something for which Bill will be forever grateful. He has gone through a boot camp like training program with a construction company in New York that specializes in high-rise buildings, and has signed on for another year with the Trump Organization. 


Bill has recently added author to his resume. In August 2004 his book You're Hired, How to Succeed in Business and Life was published by Harper Collins. On September 24th the book was ranked number 6 on the Wall Street Journal's best selling book list, and was also New York Times best- seller. This September, Bill's children's book, Beyond the Lemonade Stand will be hitting the book- store shelves. All of Bill's proceeds will be donated to children's charities. 

Bill Rancic

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