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Caroline Daniel is a British journalist, political commentator and former Editor of FT Weekend. She now works for global PR company Brunswick, as a partner, covering tech and other areas.


Caroline was one of the few female editors in Britain, responsible for running the best-read print edition of the Financial Times. She was appointed in June 2010 having spent three years running the Financial Times comment and analysis pages.


She was in charge of FT Weekend for over five years, overseeing its weekly content, branding and relations with the commercial department. The 5-section paper (ranging from arts to economics, property to food) has an extensive global readership and has won numerous awards.


In 2014 Caroline was also appointed consulting editor for FT live, the FT’s events division. In her 16 years at the FT she covered the first internet bubble in Europe, the airline industry and was the FT’s White House correspondent from 2005-2007 flying often on Air Force One with George W Bush. She was also the Chicago correspondent for three years.


She ran the FT’s opinion page during the financial crisis, including overseeing the Future of Capitalism series with economists such as Alan Greenspan. She is a regular interviewer for the Lunch with the FT series, from novelists to technology gurus. With long ties with the tech sector, she has been asked to interview keynote speakers at the Dublin web summit and Cannes, as well as being an experienced chair of panels ranging from the arts, politics, Bitcoin to women in business.


Caroline is a regular newspaper reviewer on the BBC, Sky News, and a presenter of the Radio 4’s What the Papers Say. In America, she was a guest on political chat shows and NPR. Before joining the FT she was a writer for New Statesman and The Economist and a researcher for Gordon Brown, former British prime minister, during the rise of New Labour. She is also a member of the distinguished Trilateral Commission.

Caroline Daniel

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