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International award winning Prof. Dorodjatun has had deep involvement the social, political and business world in Indonesia all the way from the 1970s up to now. He has played a pivotal role in business, foreign affairs (including UN reforms), education, and financial crisis management. Dorodjatun has held ministerial and ambassadorial positions including Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs.


Prof. Dorodjatun, age 74, graduated from the University of Indonesia specializing in Monetary Economics and Public Finance, and from the University of California at Berkeley with a PhD specializing in Political-Economy of Development. He was also awarded Doctor Honoris Causa in Management by the Technology University of Malaysia (UTM), at Johor, Malaysia, in 2003. In June 2011 he was given the honor as a Visiting Professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and a Visiting Scholar at Guangdong Research Institute for International Strategies (GRIIS) for the period up to June 2014.

After serving as a member of policy research team in the Department of Foreign Affairs; assigned to the Director General of Foreign Economic Relations, in the period of 1992-1995, Dorodjatun was appointed as a Senior Expert for Economic and Social Affairs in the Executive Body of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). (President Suharto was then the Chair of NAM). Consecutively, he was appointed as a consultant to Indonesia’s Pacific Business Forum (PBF), which was later reconstituted as a semi-government ABAC or APEC Business Advisory Council of Indonesia. In the period of 1994-1997 he served as advisor to Indonesia’s AEBF (ASEM Economic Business Forum).

Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti

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