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Gideon Lask has been working in E-commerce for almost 20 years. He has built and sold E-commerce businesses for the likes of Universal, HMV and, but he is currently busy helping other brands and retailers acquire new customers in an altogether smarter way. He’s the Founder and CEO of Buyapowa, the world leaders in customer-get-customer selling. Their platform is used by innovative companies, such as O2, Ocado, L’Oréal, The Guardian, Fun88 and Tesco, powering their customer-get-customer and invite-a-friend campaigns.

Lask specialises in advising on how to sow the seeds for the next generation of retail giants: we need to go backwards to go forwards. Lask argues that we need to put word of mouth back where it belongs: as our number one priority. Uber, Dropbox and Air BnB have all proven the power of Invite-a-friend in today’s omni channel world, and Lask aims to ensure that Buyapowa unlocks this opportunity for countless other brands and retailers around the world.

Gideon Lask

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  • Business & Management

  • Founder and CEO Buyapowa

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