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Jay Tuck is a journalist, television producer and the founder of Airtime Dubai Ltd, an international media company serving the Arab world. He is Executive Producer of Understanding Tomorrow, a weekly TV magazine airing on the Al-Jazeera Network. For over thirty years Tuck has held positions of major editorial responsibility at ARD, Europe's largest television network.


Tuck received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio. After graduation, he was hired in New York by Academy-Award-winning director Richard Kaplan for the cinema documentary "King" about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. 


He joined the ARD Television Network in Hamburg in 1975. For a number of years he worked as an investigative reporter (Panorama, Monitor) and covered both gulf wars as a war correspondent for the network (ARD-Tagesschau). In 1990, he was promoted to Executive News Editor to oversee the daily network news magazine ARD-Tagesthemen. Tuck produced over 600 television reports before early retirement in 2004.


In the UAE, Tuck founded Airtime Dubai Ltd, an international media company with close business ties to leading Arab broadcasters in the region. His weekly high-tech magazine Understanding Tomorrow is seen by approximately 40 million viewers on the Al-Jazeera Network. Tuck is also a popular speaker and has spoken for international Chambers of Commerce, Goethe Institutes and the World Bank.

Jay Tuck

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