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Dr Jessica Barker is a cyber security consultant, advising on the steps institutions and individuals can take to keep their information safe in the Internet age. Jessica works with a wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors helping them to use information more prudently.


Jessica concentrates on the human side of cyber security. She is engaged by corporations and governments across the defence, health, financial and retail sectors to advise on how they can keep their information safe while getting the most out of it. Her particular specialisms include governance, strategy and policy, risk and resilience, and learning and development.


Jessica's work involves leading and delivering information security audits, from which she develops roadmaps which take organisations on a journey of improved cyber security maturity. These roadmaps cover all elements of information security: technology, people and process.


Specialising in awareness-raising communications, Jessica also designs bespoke, engaging and interactive learning and development packages and undertakes research projects, in particular analysing consumer attitudes and behaviours with regards to on-line security.


Recognised as a global thought-leader in her field, Jessica regularly delivers thought-provoking and engaging presentations to organisations as well as contributing to academic conferences. Known for her ability to engage everyone from senior executives to ethical hackers and creative workers, she brings energy, enthusiasm and fun to cyber security.

In her spare time, Jessica is passionate about encouraging young people to become more engaged with cyber security.


She is keen to make cyber security a more engaging and accessible subject to all, and as such makes regular media appearances, most recently on Sky News, The One Show, BBC1, Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley and BBC Radio\'s Today programme.


Jessica has an undergraduate degree in Social and Political Studies from the University of Sheffield and a Masters and PhD from the University of Liverpool’s Department of Civic Design.

Jessica Barker

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