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Jonah Reider is a student, researcher, entrepreneur, musician, and chef. He studies business organization with respect to macroeconomic phenomena, explaining aspects of national and global inequality by examining the structure and behavior of firms. He has worked for Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, exploring the mixed consequences of globalization and the nature of inequalities in various nations around the world. He has also been an organizer and activist with various movements in New York City for economic and environmental policy.


Yet simultaneously, Jonah is also the creator of Pith, an internationally renowned “restaurant” in his dorm room. Pith has challenged what it means to “go out for dinner” and has grown into a successful brand of experiences that combine music, art, and food into a something socially intimate and alluringly quirky.


Pith, and Jonah’s comments about dining and social experiences, have been written up in The New Yorker, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, Gothamist, New York Magazine, USA TODAY, Boston Magazine, and many more publications around the world. Jonah has been featured on The TODAY Show, NPR, and various other international television and radio broadcasts.


Jonah’s eclectic set of interests and accomplishments have led him to speak and write in a number of environments. He has written comedy food reviews, serious political commentary, and academic economic analysis. He has travelled international to present at various academic and policy conferences. With his unique set of experiences and his ability to address diverse audiences in an array of contexts, Jonah is poised to articulately and charismatically share insights regarding a wide set of topics such as:


::  Social and economic development
::  Sustainable and inclusive growth
::  Actualizing social and political values into action on a micro scale
::  The systemic and large-scale value of small-scale action
::  Food and cooking, sustainable food, local eating
::  What an ideal social experience is
::  Effectively leveraging social media and the internet to actualize goals
::  How to create spaces for meaningful and positive social interactions
::  Enjoying life in today’s fast-paced, technologically complex, and youth-centric society
::  Successfully accomplishing an entire set of seemingly unrelated tasks or aspirations

Jonah Reider

Speaker Categories :

  • Creativity

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation

  • Student, researcher, entrepreneur, musician, and chef

  • Owner of 'Pith' a 'restaurant' inside his dorm

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