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Author of over 100 books, including the seminal work, The Mind of the Strategist, Kenichi Ohmae has an unsurpassed reputation as an advisor on global strategy to foreign governments and scores of multinational corporations. The Economist selected him as one of five management gurus in the world.


His most recent book in English, The Next Global Stage, explores the dynamics of the new "region state," tomorrow’s most potent economic institution, and offers businesses and governments a practical strategic blueprint for thriving in this new environment. His landmark book, The Mind of the Strategist, provided both a conceptual framework and practical advice on integrating the "three C's"—Customer, Competitor, and Company—in a strategic triangle that can sustain competitive advantage. Other books include The Borderless World and The End of the Nation State.


A partner in McKinsey & Company, Inc. for twenty-three years, Dr. Ohmae cofounded McKinsey’s strategic management practice and directed McKinsey’s Japan and Asia Pacific operations. In 2002, he was named an advisor of Liaoning Province and Tianjin City in China.


Kenichi Ohmae is the founder and Managing Director of Ohmae & Associates and has started several other businesses. He has held a number of prestigious positions at universities around the world. Currently, he is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UCLA’s School of Public and Social Research.

Kenichi Ohmae

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