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Known globally as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman is regarded as one of the most recognized, renowned, respected, requested and relevant Motivational/Leadership Speakers of our time. With an extensive client list under his belt, Kevin Abdulrahman is frequently booked and flown around the world to consult, coach, counsel, speak to, train and work with  ambassadors, athletes, celebrities, CEO’s, delegates, executives, government entities, models, musicians, NGOs, private companies, public organizations, royalties, sports teams and everyone in between, helping them raise their performance to The Next Level.As well as being a sought after speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is the author of several winning books and creator of countless training programs.


As a mind nutrition expert, he works with groups on key issues such as Attaining a Winning Mind, Cultivating Leadership, Seizing Inspiration, Creating High Performing Teams, Developing Winning Work Cultures, Entrepreneurship, Effective Communication as well as Public Speaking Coaching.From coffee table newspapers to some of the most popular In-flight magazines, Kevin Abdulrahman’s articles are published, translated and read by millions of people globally in magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers.

Kevin Abdulrahman philosophy is simple- “The Quality of Your Results is a Direct Reflection of the Quality of Your Mind”.  In a team, group or organizational environment, the quality of your results is the direct reflection of the quality of the collective minds in your group.


Today’s audience wants more that just information. They have a need and desire to connect.  That’s why many event organizers call for Kevin Abdulrahman as their leading choice of speaker because he makes for the Face of the People who are The Driving Force of Today and The Powerhouse of Tomorrow's Economy.Kevin Abdulrahman has eloquence in the way he imparts his message, an instant ability to connect with an audience, the foresight to design the relevant message for the given event and equally important, deliver the message with Impact.

Awakening, Compelling, Dynamic, Entertaining, Engaging, Enlightening, Entertaining, Informing, Impactful and Inspiring, are amongst many of the words shared by attendees who rave about enjoying the experience of hearing Kevin Abdulrahman speak to them.

Kevin Abdulrahman

Speaker Categories :

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Motivators

  • The Man Inspiring Millions

  • Renowned speaker on Sales, Peak Performance & Entreprenuership

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