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Having celebrated his 55th year in broadcasting in 2012, Larry King is the hard-hitting host of CNN's "Larry King Live," the first worldwide phone-in television talk show and the network's highest-rated program. Thanks to the mic, the glasses, the suspenders and the hyperbole, King has become a broadcasting icon, and one of the most recognizable faces in the world. The Emmy Award-winning King, author of multiple books, has been dubbed "The Most Remarkable Talk-Show Host On TV Ever" by "TV Guide" and "Master of the Mike" by "Time" magazine.


Larry King Live debuted in 1985, famous for its mix of celebrity interviews, political debates and topical discussions, it has become a staple of nightly television viewing. CNN's "Larry King Weekend" offers in-depth profiles and career retrospectives of news and entertainment figures. In 1994, King created the first daily radio/TV talk show by simulcasting "Larry King Live" on radio stations nationwide.


King has been asking famous people questions throughout his career, having accumulated more than 40,000 interviews, including every US President since the Ford administration. King's famed NAFTA debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot in 1993 broke cable industry ratings and obtained the highest rating in CNN history--reaching more than 16.3 million viewers.


During the war with Iraq in 2003, King hosted live shows for 29 consecutive days hosting Generals Richard Myers and Hugh Shelton, Queen Noor of Jordan, captured Newsday journalist Matthew McCallester, families of POWs, and ambassadors from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey. Other exclusive guests appearing on "Larry King Live" in 2003 include former President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister John Major, Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Penn, the "Central Park Jogger," Trisha Meili, and Paul Burrell, butler to the late Princess to Diana.


After the attacks on 9/11, King interviewed more than 700 guests, including more than 35 world leaders and dignitaries. In 2000, King's 37 consecutive days of political coverage during the election recount in Florida featured 348 guests, including George W. and Laura Bush and Al and Tipper Gore with both respective vice presidential candidates giving, King their first interviews after being selected as running mates.


King has been inducted into five of the nation's leading broadcasting halls of fame and is the recipient of the prestigious Allen H. Neuharth Award for Excellence in Journalism. Both his radio and television shows have won the George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. King has also won a News and Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Interview/Interviewer along with ten CableACE awards for Best Interviewer and for Best Talk Show Series. In 2003, King won the prestigious Gracie Allen Award by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television for his interview with former first lady of Texas Nellie Connally. In 2002, King was nominated for an Emmy Award for his interview with Sir Paul McCartney in addition to receiving two New York Festival Awards for his 9/11 coverage and again for his interview with McCartney. In addition to his professional acclaim King was also selected to be an Olympic Torch bearer for the 2002 Winter Games.


In celebration of his 40th anniversary in the broadcasting industry, Hollywood honored King in 1997 with a star on the Walk of Fame for his lifelong dedication. In 1996, the American Academy of Achievement honored him with the Golden Plate Award for his accomplishments in the broadcasting industry. In 1994, he received the Scopus Award from the American Friends of Hebrew University and in 1993, the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts named King "Talk Show Host of the Year." Entertainment Tonight called him the "Master Interviewer," and King has made cameo appearances in 21 movies including "Ghostbusters," "Primary Colors," "Contact," "The Kid," "The Contender," "America's Sweethearts" and "John Q." King has also appeared in television series such as "The Practice," "Arliss," "Murphy Brown," "Frasier," and "Murder One." He also contributes regularly to Sports Illustrated Online ( in the "Sports a la King" column.
Before broadcasting to an international audience, King was a popular media personality in Miami where he hosted interview programs for WIOD-Radio and WTVJ-TV. From 1978-1994, his voice was heard by millions of radio listeners on Mutual Radio's "The Larry King Show. "


In addition to his broadcast credits, King founded the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars and provided life-saving cardiac procedures for nearly 60 needy children and adults. King also recently established a $1 million journalism scholarship at George Washington University's School of Media and Affairs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Larry King

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