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Ness Knight is a record-breaking explorer and endurance adventurer who became the first female in history to swim the Thames River in 2013. Ness has traversed some of the most diverse terrain in all corners of the planet, overcoming huge obstacles and extreme conditions in remote environments.


Ness’ career as an adventurer began in 2012 when she quit her 9-5 and set off to stand up paddleboarded over 1000 miles down the Missouri River, completing the longest stand up paddleboard journey by any female.


She continued her USA journey, swapping paddling for pedalling as she cycled 2000 miles across the USA solo, following the old Route 66. 


In 2013 Ness swam the Thames River from it’s source to Putney Bridge, London. She followed the swim on by running 15 marathons in 15 days, from London to Land’s End to complete a 600 mile solo duathlon.


In 2016 Ness cycled across Bolivia with no money. The expedition opened her eyes to a world that so many people on our planet experience every day, one that is stripped bare of the comfort of having a safe, warm place to sleep at night with the gut-wrenching knowledge that having one meal a day is good fortune, not a given. 


Ness has just completed an expedition that saw her traverse one of the most desolate, hot and inhospitable environments in the world solo; the Namib Desert region in northern Namibia. 


Next she will be setting out to break a new world record, this time taking on the vast Pacific Ocean aiming to become the first female in history to row solo, non-stop and unassisted across the Pacific, from North America to Australia. This means Ness won’t be setting foot on land for the 7000 miles, and 6-9 months of rowing, that lie between the two continents.

Ness Knight

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