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Paddy Power is Director of Communications for Ireland’s largest bookmaking company of the same name. They operate 160 shops in Ireland and 60 in London along with the countries largest online & phone betting operations.

Paddy is the latest in a long line of bookmakers carrying the Power name, which can be traced back to Paddy’s Great Grandfather who became a bookmaker in the 1860s. Last year the company turned over €1.3 billion and continues to go from strength to strength.


The Paddy Power brand is unique within the betting industry and promotes the message of betting as entertainment and fun rather than a means of becoming wealthy. Through this uniquely honest positioning the company is regarded as the most customer orientated & “friendly” bookmaker in the sector.


Paddy is an honours graduate of Dublin City University and has worked in all facets of the business including risk control, operations and marketing. He is now responsible for the companies Communications strategy. 

Paddy Power

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  • Director of Communications at Paddy Power bookmakers

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