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Robin Sharma is a respected global leadership expert and motivational speaker. He has a proven record of success in the field, and is a bestselling author on the subject. He is renowned for delivering leadership presentations that inspire, engage and deliver real business results.
During the last fifteen years, Sharma has been sharing cutting-edge leadership insights, helping organisations grow leaders at all levels, and bringing their high potential employees to their next level of excellence. He is ranked as one of the top 5 leadership gurus in the world in an independent global survey of over 22,000 businesspeople by
Sharma’s mission is a simple one: to help people ‘Lead Without a Title’ and do their absolute best work during times of intense change. His 'Lead Without A Title' message has gathered a global following that includes CEOs, entrepreneurs and many of the corporate elite, as well as workers from every imaginable industry. He redefines what it means to be a leader, explains peak performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times, and gives specific tactics that the best companies use to get even better. He also explains the key to a high performance team and winning culture, and gives personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and uncertainty. He shows that anyone within an organisation can show leadership within their work, and have influence and impact. He has a remarkable skill for providing insights, tools and systems that drive real business value and dramatic personal results.
Sharma is the globally celebrated author of 11 international bestselling books on leadership including ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’, the phenomenal No.1 blockbuster that is inspiring a movement around the idea that “Now, anyone - in any organisation - can show Leadership”. His work has been published in over 60 countries, in nearly 70 languages, and sold over 6 million copies, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world.
Robin is a former litigation lawyer who holds two law degrees including a Masters of Law (Dalhousie Law School). Prior to becoming a leadership expert, he worked for the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, and with the Canadian government. Robin Sharma is the globally celebrated author of 10 bestselling books on leadership and personal development.Robin's work has been published in over 50 countries and nearly 70 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. He shot to fame with "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" which topped international bestseller lists and sold millions of copies.
As well as being a much sought-after speaker globally, Robin is also a widely respected CEO advisor having worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders all over the world.Robin is the founder of a global consultancy that helps people in organisations "Lead Without a Title". Clients include many of the Fortune 500 including Microsoft, GE, Nike, BP, FedEx, and IBM. Other organisations such as NASA, Yale University and The Harvard Business School are also his clients.In a recent independent survey of the world's top leadership gurus by, Robin appeared in the top 10 with Tom Peters, Jack Welch and John Maxwell

Robin Sharma

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