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Virginie Raisson is a French analyst and researcher on international relations. Together with Jean-Christophe Victor, she runs LEPAC, a laboratory for geopolitics and foresight that they founded in 1992.


As a university graduate in history, international relations and geopolitics, and a former expert to the European Union, Virginie Raisson is regularly assigned training courses abroad. These give her the opportunity to speak not only to diplomats in France and overseas, but also to journalists, Sciences-Po students, international companies’ boards, EU officials and local authorities, etc.


Among others organizations, the Strategic Affairs Board related to the French Foreign Office, as well as the medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (USA) or the UNICEF gave her many times the responsibility of leading international fieldwork missions (analysis, negotiation, evaluation), particularly in conflict zones (Balkan, Africa) and in Asia.


Besides, she has stepped in several cultural projects in connection with international topics like those presented at Cité des Sciences (Paris, France) and Parc d’aventures scientifiques (Mons, Belgium). Among other things, she has co-written the script of “Le futur a-t-il un avenir?” (“Does Future Have a Future?”), a shooting intended for the French pavilion installed at the Aichi World Expo 2005 (Japan).


Since 1992, in addition to the numerous analysis and cartography works she has published in French books, journals and magazines, Virginie Raisson has been a regular writer for "Le Dessous des Cartes", a weekly geopolitics TV program aired on the French-German channel Arte, and a co-author of the two eponymous atlases published in 2005 and 2007.


She now chiefly devotes herself to 'Futurs du monde', a comprehensive foresight research, analysis and cartography project on the major global issues currently at stake: demography, migrations, transports, water, energy, climate, representations and 'civilizations' clashes...

Virginie Raisson

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