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Dr Christopher Kutarna presents on how division, political extremism, uncertainty, and other consequences of discovery that we see today are the same social tensions experienced during the Spanish Inquisition or Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. However, he points out that these social stresses are a needed by-product of innovation and development.

He argues that we underestimate the threats to the status quo that naturally develop out of discovery. The important thing is to not ignore these social tensions, but understand how these social tensions occur because of a great systemic shock from the development of new technologies such as the internet. This uncertainty reflects a paradigm shift that cannot and should not be ignored. While the Renaissance had a dark side as today’s change has a dark side, the Renaissance also had a bright side similar to the bright side we have today with better technology, health, and so much more.

Kutarna is the coauthor with Ian Goldin of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance. While promoting his first book in two dozen countries on four continents, Kutarna publicly foresaw the outcome of the UK’s June 2016 referendum on EU membership (Brexit) and the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

He has been a two-time Governor General’s Medalist, a Sauvé Fellow, and a Commonwealth Scholar. He is now a fellow of the Oxford Martin School with a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford. His academic research maps the political discourse of China’s emerging middle class.

Kutarna was formerly a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in New Zealand, Australia, and China, and he currently collaborates with senior partners at BCG and McKinsey to explore how to help organizations adapt to a second Renaissance.

His next book will explore the different leadership lenses being adopted around the world in response to ongoing social and political shocks.
“In this crazy age when many of us feel we are blinking into the darkness of a world that we no longer understand, Chris shines a valuable ray of light. Spiking heavy thinking with a large dram of humour, he provided a most engaging and enjoyable talk—and provoked a great deal of searching questions from the audience.” Royal Geographical Society

“Chris opened our minds. The feedback on his presentation and style was excellent. Every person I spoke to was able to talk about several or all aspects of the presentation with real intensity and he triggered members of my team to reignite their interests in a wide range of topics.” Group CIO, Rolls Royce Plc

“Chris fascinated our policy advocates and a group of our clients from many industries. Our audience was deeply engaged and sent me feedback after the event that consistently stated that it was a stimulating and thought-provoking experience, and that they would like to be included in any future events of this caliber that SIGNAL could produce.” SIGNAL Group

“My entity is currently going into transformation. Chris’s talks were a great learning opportunity for us that added new strategies to the transformation.” United Arab Emirates Government

Christopher Kutarna

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  • Politics

  • Economics & Government

  • Mapping the political global discourse and exploring how to adapt to a second Renaissance. Co-author, with Ian Goldin, of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance.

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