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Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Susilo, also known as SBY, he was the first president elected directly by the people in the second round of presidential elections in 2004.

6th President of Indonesia

Andy Xie

Renowned Independent Economist

Renowned Economist who accurately predicted the South East Asian Financial Crisis and the US Subprime Financial Crisis.

TIME Magazine named Tony to the 2015 TIME 100, Known as the Richard Branson of Asia, he turned the bankrupt carrier into the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline.

Entrepreneur & Founder of AirAsia

Tony Fernandes

Malaysian Artist-Architect

Red Hong Yi

Red Hong Yi is a Malaysian artist and architect who is known for creating portraits of iconic people using unconventional materials. She will paint with anything, just as long as it’s not a paintbrush.

Nepalese Sherpa mountain climber

Son of Sherpa Tenzing, who climbed with Sir Edmund Hilary on the first ascent of Mount Everest

Jamling Tenzing Norgay

Sahar Hashemi founded Coffee Republic, the UK’s first US style coffee bar chain with her brother and built it into one of the UK’s most recognised high street brands with a turnover of £30m. 

Co-Founder, Coffee Republic & Author of "Switched On"

Sahar Hashemi

The #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall was recognised as the #1 leadership thinker in the world and the #7 business thinker in the world at the Thinkers 50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.

Transportation Entrepreneur, & Founder of Zipcar

Robin Chase

A decade before Airbnb and Uber, Chase helped kickstart the 'collaborative economy' by co-founding Zipcar, which became the world's largest carsharing service.

R Gopalakrishnan

Former Executive Director, TATA Sons

R. Gopalakrishnan has been a professional manager for forty years. He has a wealth of practical managerial experience, initially in Unilever and more recently in the Tata Group.

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, is an English businessman and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies.

Founder of the Virgin Group & Global Entrepreneur

Football Manager Legend

Sir Alex Furgeson

Alex Ferguson is amongst the most widely admired and respected managers in the world for histime managing Manchester United Football Club and won over 20 football awards.

Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher has worked in Formula One for almost 30 years and has spent the last 15 working with Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth.

Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss

Lewis is the first to complete long distance swims in every one of the world’s oceans – including the waters around the melting ice cap.

Environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer

Lewis Pugh

Francois Pienaar

Francois Pienaar is best known for captaining South Africa’s first ever Rugby World Cup winning side as they hosted the tournament in 1995 which helping Nelson Mandela unite South Africa.

South African Rugby Legend

Pierluigi Collina

The world's most famous football referee

Pierluigi Collina is a former Italian football referee and is regarded as the best referee of all time. 

He is currently the chief refereeing officer of UEFA and also Supervisor referee for the UFF.

Marketing, Branding, Innovators

Steve Wozniak

Steve invented the Apple computer and helped found the Apple Company. One of the wealthiest and most famous inventors in the U.S., Wozniak left behind the world of business to spend his time teaching children about computers.

Co-founder of Apple

Michio Kaku

World Renowned Futurist

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the most widely recognised figures in science in the world today. He is an internationally recognised authority in two areas. The first is Einstein’s unified field theory, which Dr. Kaku is attempting to complete.

Andrew Keen is among the world’s best known contemporary analysts of digital business and culture, and commentators on the digital revolution. 

Entrepreneur, author & Renowned commentator on the digital revolution

Andrew Keen

Author, Ideas generator & Futurist

Mark Stevenson

Mark is a writer, ideas generator and futurist. He is author of the best selling book An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, which was described by The Wall Street Journal as "sharp and fascinating". 

Co-founder of Youtube

Chad Hurley

Chad Hurley is the co-founder and former CEO of YouTube - the world's largest and most popular video sharing site and the third most visited site globally. In 2006, he was voted 28th on Business 2.0's "50 People Who Matter Now" list.

Former Deputy PM of Thailand & former Secretary-General of UNCTAD

Supachai Panitchpakdi

Dr. Supachai, whose first four-year term as Secretary-General of UNCTAD in 2005, was appointed to a second term by the General Assembly in 2009 that ran until  2013.

Global authority on the Chinese economy

Linda Yueh

Linda Yueh is an economist, broadcaster and author. She also a fellow at Oxford University, an Economics correspondent for Bloomberg TV and media commentator on global economic.

José Manuel Durão Barroso is a Portuguese politician who was the 11th President of the European Commission, serving from 2004 to 2014. Previously, he was the Prime Minister of Portugal.

Former President of the European Commission

Jose Manuel Barroso

Jon Matonis

Jon  was Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation until  2014 and served as a board director for the group from its 2012 inception to the time he assumed the executive director position in 2013.

Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation

Rafidah Aziz

Malaysia's longest serving Minister of International Trade and Industry

Known as the "Iron Lady", she is in her element and holds center court when it comes to tackling trade negotiations or promoting the attributes of Brand Malaysia.

Member of the Swarovski Executive Board

Nadja Swarovski

Nadja Swarovski is a Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, the world’s leading crystal manufacturer founded by her great-great-grandfather Daniel Swarovski in 1895 in Austria.

Co-Founder of Starbucks

Zev Siegl

Zev Siegl was co-founder of Starbuck's Coffee Company, that has now become one one of the world's most recognised brands. Siegl is passionate about his mission to inspire and develop young entrepreneurs. 

Azran is the IFLIX Group COO and CEO of IFLIX Malaysia. He was previously the CEO of AirAsia X. Before that, Azran was a Senior Director of Business Development at Astro.

Azran Osman-Rani

Former CEO of IFLIX and AirAsia X

Paul Craven

Globally Renowned Behavioural Economist

Paul Craven is a partner of a specialist coaching firm helping asset managers, hedge funds and other investors to develop their skill.

Charles Leadbeater

Charlie Leadbeater is a renowned author, thinker and strategic adviser on innovation whose advice is sought by governments, cities and corporations across the world.

Author, leading authority on Innovation and Creativity

Founder of OpenLeaks

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a German technology activist. He was the German spokesperson forWikileaks until 2010, and then the founder of OpenLeaks in 2011. He was named by Foreign Policyas one of its 100 Star Global Thinkers.

India's first and highest ranking woman officer in the Indian Police Service

Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi was India’s first and highest ranking - woman police officer. She has been voted as India's most admired woman, most trusted woman and fifth amongst all Indians.

Elif Shafak is Turkey's most-read and popular woman writer and an award-winning novelist. Her books have been translated into more than forty languages. 

Award-winning novelist and the most widely read woman writer in Turkey

Elif Safak

Sugata Mitra

Global Education Superstar

TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra is at the forefront of a new approach to education which challenges how we teach today’s children in a technological age. He is a physicist, computer scientist and researcher in education and learning

Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof is incredibly well informed, not just about African famines and aid organizations, but also about London and Washington politics, global communications and business.

Founder of Live Aid, Live 8 & Band Aid

Renowned Expert on Leadership, Innovation & Branding

Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor focuses on enabling organisations to achieve breakthroughs by looking outside their current environment.

Campaign strategist for Barack Obama presidential election campaigns

Roger Fisk

Roger is the political campaign, marketing and media strategist widely credited with playing a key behind-the-scenes role in the back-to-back electoral victories of US President Obama

Joe Divanna

Author and International Speaker on Finance, Strategy and Technology

Joe DiVanna runs an innovation think-tank providing research and advisory services to the financial services industry, global businesses and governments.

Kinvara Balfour

As a ’consultant of cool’, she advises major corporations around the world on what is happening in the world of fashion, beauty and popular culture.

Coolhunter, Fashion Commenter and Trend Expert

World's second most influential communicator in social innovation, being beaten only by Bill Clinton.

Jon Duschinsky

Jon is the co-founder of The Conversation Farm, which he created in 2012 with a team of some of the world's leading creatives and creative thinkers.

CNN International Anchor

Richard Quest

He is one of the most instantly recognizable members of the CNN team; covering an exten-

sive range of breaking news and business stories as well as feature programming, he has become one of the network’s highest profile presenters. 

Supermodel & Philanthropist

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova is one of the world’s most successful supermodels but her career almost ended in December 2004 when she was a victim of the devastating Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand.

Tyra Banks

SuperModel, Author, Actress and Television Personality

Tyra Banks; famous supermodel turned super mogul has surpassed any hint of barrier that was put in front of her to become a highly dominant figure in today’s media. 

Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic is an American entrepreneur who was the first candidate hired by The Trump Organization at the conclusion of the first season of Donald Trump's reality television show, The Apprentice.

Winner of "The Apprentice"

Entertainer, Author and Entrepreneur

Irene Ang

The poster girl for over-achievement. Running four burgeoning businesses while juggling a successful television career, she is an entrepreneur, entertainer and personality non-pareil.

Presenter, Facilitator

Lisa Wong

Lively and witty, candid and intuitive - these are some of the qualities that best describe Lisa Wong. Recognised for her strong work ethics and professionalism, Lisa is a much sought after emcee for public and corporate events. 

Emcee & TV Host with a multi-faceted career in broadcasting

Deborah Henry

Miss Malaysia / World

A wholesome blend of East and West with Asian and Irish roots, Deborah Henry spent much of her teenage years on a bullet train to stardom, journeying from modelville to university, to beauty pageants, charities and the media forefront, becoming the woman she is today – Miss World & Universe Malaysia, model, TV host, actress, MC, humanitarian aide & ambassador, and co-founder of her own charity.

Sportscaster and television host in Philippines

Patricia Hizon

With nearly fifteen years of experience, Patricia Bermudez Hizon is one of the more seasoned in the field of sportscasting in the Philippines, having the distinction of being the first female basketball anchor for television, and having covered numerous international and local sporting events for tri-media, interviewing some of the top athletes in the world.

Former CNN & CNBC Presenter

Lorraine Hahn

Lorraine Hahn is based in Hong Kong and has twenty years of experience in journalism focused on Asian business issues. Lorraine has developed a renowned reputation as a presenter and talk-show host, demonstrating a strong understanding of Asian economic and political issues and being called-upon to interview business leaders, heads of state and other personalities, including 'live-on-stage' interviews.

Anchor Presenter, BBC World News

Lucy Hockings

Lucy Hockings is a lead presenter on BBC World news, hosting its flagship programme GMT.  She has anchored rolling coverage for the BBC on all the major news events of the past decade - from the Asian tsunami to the 2014 Gaza conflict to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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