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Is The World On Reset Mode?

FEBRUARY 28, 2018

Stephane Garelli is a world authority on competitiveness. Besides being an academic and author of several books, he was also the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and of the Davos Annual meetings.
He shares his insights into what defines competitiveness, as well as the challenges businesses and nations will be facing moving forward.

BFM Interview: Stephane Garelli

How Social Media is Disrupting the Art World

MARCH 21, 2018

Social media has made art a sustainable career choice, said Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi, who is famous for creating portraits of Chinese personalities using everyday objects.

CNBC Interview: RED Hong Yi

Life Beyond Fear: Karina Hollekim

APRIL 10, 2018

Never say no to a challenge!


Success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that matters. What makes the difference between the ones who succeed and those who fail (and never get back up again)? Why do some choose to quit while others bounce back even stronger when facing adversity? Do you accept the cards that life have dealt you or do you raise the ceiling of your limits and actively reach for the skies?


In her first-ever appearance in Singapore, Karina will share the gripping story about her struggle and resilience to bounce back from adversity and will infuse the audience with her indomitable spirit, making her story, one to remember.

Business Insights Transformation Series: Karina Hollekim


You'll Never Walk Again — She Was Told, But She Did

APRIL 29, 2018

Now a performance coach and motivational speaker, Ms Karina Hollekim says her accident has given her a “perspective I don’t want to be without”. “It may be a cliche but adversity makes us better people. We need that to remind ourselves what a good life we have and to appreciate people and good moments every day.”

ItChangedMyLife: Karina Hollekim
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