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Norman was exposed to the world of business at the early age of 20, after graduating with a Diploma in Accountancy from a renowned college. Armed with a vision, his first foray was in 1992 with a modest capital of RM2,000. Putting to practice the knowledge he had accumulated, as well as his natural instinct and flair for marketing, he brought KRU to life with almost immediate success.


Since then, he has masterminded success after success, putting his unique combination of strategic leadership, skills, talent and business acumen to the test, and has successfully propelled the company to the forefront of the media and entertainment world, both domestically and across foreign shores. He has positioned KRU as a company known for using state of the art technology in the production of content and one that pushes the boundaries. While back in the mid 90s, KRU was the pioneer in the production of digital music and television content in Malaysia… a decade later KRU brought the Malaysian film industry to another level with the extensive use of world-class visual effects (Computer Generated Imagery) through its debut feature film entitled “Cicakman”.


Today, KRU continues its policy to be the pioneer in utilizing the latest technology for content production and released the first Malaysian Stereoscopic 3D feature film entitled “29 Februari” in 2012. These numerous achievements have earned him accolades including the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award (2007), MPA Asia - Pacific Copyright Educator (A.C.E.) Award (2011) and Association of Professional Film Workers of Malaysia (Profima) - Film Personality Award (2012). It has also led to numerous appointments in various organisations locally and regionally: Chairman, RIM; Chairman, Anti Piracy PFM; Vice President, PFM; Asia Pacific Board Member, IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry); Board Member, ScreenSingapore; Council Member, CCAM and many more.

Norman Abdul Halim

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  • Leadership

  • Entertainment

  • Innovation

  • Executive President & Group CEO, KRU Group of Companies

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