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Lord Coe is Chairman of IAAF - International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Using all his political skills and strategic know-how, he famously led the bid to host the world's biggest sporting event in 2012. It was the same determination that had earlier helped him become one of the greatest athletes of his generation.


On the track Sebastian set twelve world records over four distances, achieving four gold and three silver medals in the Olympics and European Championships. He tells the story; from the moment he was inspired as a child by a local hero to his father's grueling coaching routine, in his book - The Winning Mind.


In his equally inspiring speech Sebastian talks about the setbacks and the hard graft as well as the victories. He explains how he beat the competition by facing down everything in training, by minimizing the variables and maintaining focus: "You don't become a champion at anything by turning up and hoping to get lucky." He now applies a similar approach in his leadership role, encouraging others to fulfill their own potential.


Sebastian has an unusual depth and breadth of experience. After retiring from competitive athletics he entered Parliament as MP for Falmouth and Cambourne, then served as a Government whip and as Private Secretary to William Hague (- the subject of numerous entertaining anecdotes). He also became an advisor to Nike and established a chain of health clubs. As if steering the 2012 bid for London were not enough, Sebastian also led the successful bid for London to host the 2017 World Athletics Championships, the third largest sporting event on the planet. Alongside his Olympic responsibilities, Lord Coe is Vice President of the IAAF. He was named the 'Greatest Briton' in the first Morgan Stanley Awards.


Sebastian Coe

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