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Steve Howard has been Chief Sustainability Officer for the IKEA Group since January 2011.  One of the founding partners of RE100 – the global campaign led by The Climate Group and CDP showcasing the logic of transitioning to 100% renewable power from a business perspective – IKEA has set a target to produce as much renewable energy as it consumes by 2020.


He is co-founder and former CEO of The Climate Group (2003-10), an independent non-profit NGO. During his years at the Climate Group, he advised and briefed leading companies and CEOs, state and government leaders on various aspects of climate change.


Before founding The Climate Group, he worked for 15 years with leading corporations, NGOs and UN bodies on environmental and sustainability issues.


Steve holds a PhD in environmental physics

Steve Howard

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  • Energy

  • Environment

  • Chief Sustainability Officer IKEA Group

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